All About Evan

Evan has started preschool, and also gymnastics for the fall.  He absolutely LOVES gymnastics -- he can't get enough of swinging on bars and jumping on trampolines! 


10/19/10 - Evan's dinner prayer - "Dear God, thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Clara... and Evan, who likes to play with Daddy's sharp things.  And please make sure Clara has lots of Nuks.  Amen." 

5/20/10 - Evan: "I really really love you, Mommy!"  Me: "Awww, I love you too, sweetheart!"  Evan: "I really love you because I want a snack!"  Nice.

4/8/10 - As Evan was putting his shorts on this morning, he began chanting, "Shorts and snout!  Shorts and snout!"  When I asked him what he was talking about, he replied, "I'm a little teapot, shorts and snout!"  Aahhhhh.

3/18/10 - Evan is obsessed with hand and body lotions, and he steals mine whenever he can get his paws on them!  Today he snatched one and I caught him fingerpainting with it on some yucky paper.  I scolded him, and he was such a smarty pants!  Our conversation went like this:
Me: "Evan!  I asked you not to play with the lotion!!"
Evan:  "Yeah, but I just played with it anyway."
Me:  "Yeah, and I'm not happy about it."
Evan:  "But I'm happy about it, Mommy!"
It takes some of the wind out of my sails when he says such funny things in the middle of being scolded! 

3/17/10 - Evan's class had a St. Patrick's Day party.  When we asked him who was there, he started listing his classmates... "Ava, Ben, Shyann... Joseph...(pause)... Jesus..."  We stopped him and said, "Wait, Jesus was there?"  Evan nodded.  We asked if Mary was there with Jesus and Joseph and Evan nodded again.  Sounds like quite the party!

1/24/10 - Evan was eating a Peppermint Pattie and he announced, "This sounds like chocolate!"  I explained that the word he was looking for was "tastes;" we use the word "sounds" when we can hear something with our ears.  He then proceeded to hold the Peppermint Pattie up to his ear and listen.  I asked him if it sounded like chocolate.  He replied, "No, it doesn't sound like anything!"

1/18/10 - Ethan and Evan were playing a game, and some of Evan's cards were missing.  Ethan asked Evan if he was sitting on his cards. Evan replied, "No, I'm sitting on my legs."

12/09 - Evan sneezed directly in my face and laughed.  He then said, "I just bless-you'd on you!"